Banner Towing

Valley Aviation is pleased to announce Banner Towing services are available. This is a very creative and memorable way to advertise for your business or personal event.

Personal Banners

Wish someone a Happy Birthday, pop the question with a sky-high proposal, congratulate a graduate or honor someone special.
We can create a personalized message up to 40 characters (including spaces) and fly it over wherever you choose!
We will fly to your location of choice and orbit overhead for approximately 15 minutes.  Longer flights are available for an additional fee.
Some unique examples:
Let’s go (team/name)!
We’re expecting / It’s a ___!
Welcome Home (name)!
Highly Visible, Super sized 7’ letters are easily readable.
Communication is available to our pilots so that we arrive over your target at exactly the correct time
* Local Area Includes: Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Pittston, Avoca, Plains, Forty-Fort, Wyoming, Edwardsville, Luzerne, Plymouth, Hanover Township, Nanticoke, Dallas and Mountain Top, Harveys Lake
** Any destination further than the local 10 miles will be charged an additional fee to cover the added time to fly to your destination.
Business & Event Advertisement
3 Available Options
1. Letter Banner
We can assemble a message up to 40 characters (including spaces) with our highly visible, super sized 7’ letters.  You may select from the following:
Letters (A-Z)
Numbers (0-9)
Large Punctuation Marks ( & $ ? ! # % ( ) + / )
Small Punctuation Marks (dash, period, comma, apostrophe)
Double Punctuation Marks ( : ; “ “ = )
Specialized forms such as hearts are also available.
Banners require a minimum of 1 day to assemble, but one week’s notice is preferred.
2. Logo Board
Logo Boards are a very effective way of getting noticed in addition to offering flexibility in your message text.  You would be responsible for the cost of the Logo Board.  We will provide the 7’ black letters for the copy.  We will need a high-
resolution copy of your logo to send the manufacturer so that they can recommend a size that will look good.
Cost for the Logo Board is approximately $1.45 per sq. ft.
Average sizes are from 15’x30’ to 40’x100’.
This is a one-time investment and will last for hundreds of hours of towing
3. Billboard Panel
Aerial Billboards are custom signs that fly like a giant business card in the sky.  These signs have computer-generated artwork, contain vibrant colors and are large and impressive!
This is a one-time expense and will deliver hundreds of hours of flight time.
The customer is responsible for purchasing the Billboard.
You can supply your own high-resolution artwork or have our vendor create an image for you (additional fee).
The price for a Billboard is approximately $1.45 per sq. ft.
Sizes can range from 15’x30’ to 50’x100’.
Special Event (Pocono Race, Major Sporting Events, etc.) prices vary.
Ask us about our bulk time packages!
* Average cost at other companies is between $500-$600/first hour and $450-$500/additional.
** Please note that due to the nature of the business, including volatile fuel costs, prices may vary.  Please call for further inquiries.
You tell us where you want exposure!  We recommend the entire Wyoming Valley with concentration on the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton areas, Dallas and Harveys Lake.  We emphasize exposure by circling shopping centers, malls, parks, local events, casinos, downtown areas and congesting roads/highways.
Special Events
We will offer our existing customers priority for exposure over special events such as: concerts at the Toyota Pavilion, concerts/events at the Mohegan Sun Arena, concerts and live harness racing at the Mohegan Sun Casino, before major firework displays as well as local fairs and festivals.
When to Fly
We suggest flying on late afternoon/early evening on Fridays (for rush hour & the dinner crowd) as well as Saturdays and Sundays anytime from late morning to early evening.  This is the time when most people are outside to see your Ad.  We will only fly your Ad when the weather is conducive to people being outside.  If we don’t fly, you don’t pay.
Time Per Flight**
We fly at the slowest possible speed as to allow for the maximum time of exposure for your Ad.  Average viewing time is 30 seconds per person! Compare that to a radio/TV advertisement price!
Below are some estimates of the amount of time it takes to cover some of our popular markets*:
? 1.0 hr. Wilkes-Barre and Surrounding Areas (Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes-Barre Township, Plains, Kingston, Ashley,  Hanover Township, Luzerne, Edwardsville, Forty Fort, Plymouth and Nanticoke)
? 1.0 hr. Scranton and Surrounding Areas (Scranton, Pittston, West Pittston, Dunmore, Avoca, Moosic, Green Ridge, Interstate 380 and 84)
? 1.0 hr. Back Mountain, Dallas, Harveys Lake
? 2.0 hr. Wilkes-Barre & Scranton and Surrounding Areas
? 2.0 hr. Wilkes-Barre and Surrounding Areas & Back Mountain, Dallas, & Harveys Lake
? 3.0 hr. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and Surrounding Areas & Lake Wallenpaupack
* Please note that these are just examples and that we can adjust your exposure to meet your needs.
Other areas: We offer the ability to “ferry” or transport our aircraft and your banner to another area to fly your Ad.  Example: Philadelphia, Philadelphia Sport’s Complex, Allentown and the Bloomsburg Fair.
Call for current pricing on all banner towing services