Biplane Flight
Written by George Seashock   
Thursday, 07 June 2012 20:37
On a recent Sunday I had the extreme pleasure of climbing into a vintage biplane and cruising back to another time and another place to an era of open cockpits and wooden joysticks. A beautiful blue sky, cotton ball clouds, glints of sunlight on chrome and stainless steel, the wind in the wires and the smell of oil and aviation fuel sure make for a heady experience. Not to mention viewing the Susquehanna river and our beautiful landscape from a very few thousand feet, at times while upside down.

I wish I could share the full experience, but things like that have to be experienced to be believed.  If you are any type of aviation enthusiast, or just a life enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to visit the nice people at the Forty-Fort airport and experience flying the way it was meant to be; not as mere transportation, but as a wonderful, exhilarating means of escaping the here and now, a journey back to those halcyon days we've been fooled into believing have long gone away. 

     Since Mr Seashock's letter, Valley Aviation has painsteakenly researched the Stearman PT-17 Bi-plane through the services and cooperation of the Smithsonian Institute. It has since been meticulously restored to it's original paint code and colors. Its exactly like the day it rolled out of Boeing's facility right down to the inspection placards.

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