Business No Flight of Fancy
 A nice article from the Times Leader April 9, 2006

Forty Fort - The Scrobola boys vividly remember their first experiences with the Wyoming Valley Airport: waiting in the back seat of the family car while their father took flying lessons.  "Sharing a Coke," 43-year-old Joseph notes.  That was in the 1960s when their father, Charles, got his first taste of the wild, blue yonder.  It was the beginning of the elder Scrobola's lifelong love of flying which eventually was passed on to his six children.  Three of them - Charles, James and Joseph are tapping into that passion for aviation with the aim of breathing new life into the 77-year-old county-owned airport.  In January they formed Valley Aviation Inc., and took over management of the airport.  If experience is a prerequisite for the venture, they certainly have it; family members have logged a combined 214 years and 23,000 flight hours with backgrounds that range from private pilot to FAA medical examiner.  "We're not looking to make a lot but to promote the airport," said Charles Jr., a physician and vice president of the company.  "If we break even, we'll be happy.  And what we make is going right back into it."  They'll also be pleased if they can polish the airport's image - making the grounds and building more welcoming and pilot-friendly for recreational and commercial fliers.  "The county hasn't done much here in a while," said James, 47, company president and an engineer at Tobyhanna Army Deport.  "The roof is out for bid and when that's done, we'll gut the place, modernize it, give it a facelift."